10 Sep 2019

Automatic exchange

Of all the automatic cryptocurrencies exchangers, RuBitok is one of the oldest. The service withstood both strong exchange rate growth and collapse of the main cryptocurrency. Automatic exchangers that exchange Bitcoin (BTC) to various payment systems such as Perfect Money or Advanced Cash, as well as Payeer and others at the most profitable rates (Bit Coins - Perfect Money, BTC - AdvCash, Bitcoin - Payeer). The most profitable and secure automatic exchangers that exchange Bitcoin to various payment systems are usually present in various monitors. RuBitok is present in almost all-popular monitoring of exchange offices, and unlike most now works automatically in all directions. No need to contact the support service, because the system can calculate and process everything itself. If there is an unusual situation, automated algorithms will conduct the exception processing process and cope without human interference in the exchange process. RuBitok is a fully automated platform with an unlimited limit of funds in all directions. We make our service more convenient every year so that you do not have to wonder where to change, but do it with our service under the most favorable conditions. The exchanger operates in fully automatic mode.