29 Apr 2019

Service liquidity

Now that everyone interested in cryptocurrencies has calmed down, the Bitcoin exchange rate is beginning to stabilize. Those who follow our YouTube channel have already noticed that we always give buy signals on time. You could buy Bitcoin for $3,500-3,600. However, there are still many people who have yet to create their first Bitcoin wallet. The modern world is increasingly moving to the Internet. There are more and more new ways to find a stable online income.
Over the past 2 months, Bitcoin to dollar exchange rate has grown by more than 30%. The easiest way is to buy cryptocurrency online for Yandex money. Along with the growth of Bitcoin, analysts predict a fall in the value of the dollar against the ruble. It's time to redistribute the investment basket. Recently, the G20 cryptocurrency rate has been growing. Almost all cryptocurrencies are in the green sector. It is noteworthy that in different years Bitcoin and dollar had different correlations in relation to each other and to gold. The pattern that was developed more than a year and a half ago is only now beginning to be repeated.
Our regular customers noticed a decrease in our service liquidity in last June. Currently, we are conducting a series of negotiations on the return of liquidity to the service, so that you can buy as much Bitcoin for dollar as you will need!