16 Jan 2018

Advantageous Bitcoin exchange

Favorable and reliable Bitcoin and other electronic currencies exchange RuBitok.com is not just a place on the network where you can buy Bitcoins or sell Bitcoins. This is a formed community of traders and real professionals in the crypto-world producing an instant exchange of Bitcoins at the most favorable rate on the Internet.

More than half a year ago, our functional Bitcoin exchange service was added a functional allowing always to make the best Bitcoin exchange. Now you can exchange Bitcoin instantly with the help of the codes of such exchanges as EXMO and WEX. Ruble, Dollar and even Euro codes are always available in a large number, and the Bitcoin exchange accepts the codes issued by us in any amount. Our Bitcoin exchange site includes a large number of e-money exchange destinations. Every month, taking into account the wishes of our partners and customers, we add new payment methods to make a quick exchange of Bitcoins under the best conditions and lowest costs. RuBitok is an exchange point for Bitcoins that allows you to quickly exchange various cryptocurrencies for fiat money in numerous payment systems.

There are also features of working with some payment systems, such as, for example, Yandex-money, intending to make an online exchange of Bitcoins, having paid at the same time with your Yandex wallet. Money should be taken into account that the first payment will be placed in the hold by the Yandex.Money payment system and it will be necessary to wait 48 hours for processing the application. In this case, we recommend that you first exchange small amount in all directions for all the crypto wallets that you have, so that in the future, exchanging through our Bitcoin exchange point, all operations occur automatically and almost instantly. Of course, in the network you can find BTC exchange that will not comply with the rules of the Yandex.Money payment system and hold for 48 hours will be absent, and in this case you should be aware that there is a risk to completely lose your money due to a blockage or get into long-term proceedings with service support Yandex.

You can exchange BTC for other cryptocurrencies, such as: Ethereum, Dash or Litecoin. Such an exchange is highly automated and operative, only delays can occur on the side of the blockchain at the time of confirmation of the transaction on your part. Prior to fixing at least 3 (three) confirmations in the network, the exchange of bitcoins can’t take place since the funds can be sent only after the receipt of counter-intruders to our address. In practice, this can take from a few seconds to several minutes, or even hours. In very rare cases, customers had to observe a few days when they allowed transferring with the smallest commission on the blockchain network. Basically BTC currency exchange takes place on-line and in a few minutes and clients write positive feedback about the service.

Try to make Bitcoin currency exchange at the best rate on the Internet! And the more you will not have the question: "Where to exchange Bitcoin?" The answer will be obvious: of course on RuBitok!