7 Aug 2017

Exchange operations of OKPay are resumed

Good news for users of OKPay system! Now we resume the exchange of crypto currencies for OKPay. You can make a profitable exchange bitcoin for rubles and dollars again, as well as to perform operations with other crypto currencies.

OKPay system announced the completion of a final agreement, according to which Moneypolo buys a payment system. This fact will help it to develop itself even more rapidly and will open new opportunities for users. OKPay breakdowns were caused by the procedure of its sale and registration of regulatory approvals. Now all these events are over and you can again exchange funds on OKPay.

MoneyPolo CEO Nikolay Rozhok sees great prospects in the development of OKPay and has already assessed the positive aspects of its integration into its own company. OKPay is simple and it has an intuitive interface, but at same time it offers a wide range of options. Due to the accession to the payment system, MoneyPolo will be able to provide its clients with a complete portfolio of financial instruments.

Being a relatively new, OKPay is quite large payment system. It has more than 1 million users. MoneyPolo and OKPay took measures to retain customers, to ensure financial discipline and save up all the benefits that users received earlier. MoneyPolo plans to use its own experience, which will help to modernize applications, to introduce innovations in customer service, to increase the performance of their business.

Symbiosis of MoneyPolo and OKPay allows you to combine advanced technologies that ensure the safety of money transfers around the world. Users will acquire new financial instruments and will be surprised by the increased productivity. Thanks to the joint productive activity, the system will be able to strengthen its position, to gain its client base and list partners. The joint strategy and technological exchange that are complementary, will allow faster introduction of innovations and the professional management of them.

OKPay is a relatively new company. Its founders have been working hard on the project since 2007, making it competitive. If you have an OKPay wallet, you have had first-hand experience to make sure that this payment system is really convenient and safe. Joining with the world-famous company MoneyPolo is only a benefit for users. The company provides a wide range of operations with foreign currencies, carries out money transfers around the world, offers prepaid cards and other profitable financial solutions. MoneyPolo has branches in the UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, as well as partner offices in many countries of Europe, America, Africa and the CIS. Now the exchange of bitcoin and other crypto currency is even easier and more profitable.

Exchange of OKPay USD for Yandex.Money - where it is more profitable ...

On the website rubitok.com you can make any transactions with the crypto currency. We have the best bitcoin exchange rate, and the exchange operation takes no more than 5 minutes. Being a bitcoin exchanger trusted by millions of users, we offer a wide range of dollar and ruble transactions. Now the following transactions are available on the website:

an exchange of OKPay USD for bitcoins;
an exchange of bitcoins for OKPay USD;
an exchange of ethereum for OKPay USD;
an exchange of OKPay USD for ethereum;
an exchange of litecoin for OKPay USD;
an exchange of OKPay USD for litecoin;
an exchange of OKPay RUR for bitcoin;
an exchange of bitcoin for OKPay RUR;
an exchange of ethereum for OKPay RUR;
an exchange of OKPay RUR for ethereum;
an exchange of litecoin for OKPay RUR;
an exchange of OKPay RUR for litecoin;

The price of btc in dollars and other currencies is finally formed at the time of payment. All operations are carried out in automatic mode.