25 Jul 2017

The operations with BTC-E are halted

Due to temporary technical difficulties on the BTC-E exchange, transactions with btc-e ruble codes and exchange operations btc e usd are suspended.

Btc e does not work on any of the website mirrors, as well as on https://btc-e.nz/ and https://btc-e.com/ Unfortunately, we do not have any information about when the btc-e exchange resumes. Hope this would be no longer than 1 day.

Information from the official twitter account: "Due to the technical works in data center, btc-e may temporarily be unavailable".

In this regard, we decided to halt all the operations with the btc e usd codes and all the directions where an exchange of btc e usd is used. Once the exchange of btc usd will be resumed, the relevant information will appear in our news.

Also we prepare a surprise for our loyal customers. Soon you will learn how to replenish btc e without commission. We try to introduce some more ways how to replenish btc until September. We look forward to feedback from you about what payment systems you would be interesting in work with crypto currencies. You can replenish your btc account from any card until New Year. The exchange of btc e codes will take a few minutes. In our Facebook and Facebook groups we provide detailed instructions on "how to create a btc e code" or how to exchange it for fiat money in a chosen payment system.

After recent innovations in the algorithm of our exchanger RuBitok, the bitcoin btc e exchange rate has become very attractive. We do our best to make the purchase of btc e code on our service comfortable and profitable. Being our loyal partner, you can exchange btc e at very profitable rate. We will strive to make you a qualitative and affordable service.

What's going on in the world? Other exchangers has decreased the exchange rate a little bit. Exchange rate of btc on exchange services is an average of $2500 for 1 btc. It is something that we warned you about in the previous news and sharp fluctuations in prices are inevitable during the current week.

We recommend to use alternative directions, for example, EXMO exchange, codes of which can be withdrawn using our service in the directions of Exchange EXMO USD for Advanced Cash USD or Exchange EXMO USD for Perfect Money USD and other popular directions using EXMO codes. For those who reside in Russia, it is more appropriate and convenient to exchange of Yandex Money RUR for EXMO USD for buying EXMO codes.

New information from the official BTC-E twitter:
Update: Technical works are about to be done soon. Thanks for your patience.
Update2: Technical works on resume of service operability are undergoing. It will take from 5 to 10 days. Thanks for your patience

Jabber server of freecoin.in technical support is unavailable too