23 Jul 2017

Exchange operations using Bitcoin in the nearest future

What will happen to Bitcon in the nearest future? What is segwit2x? Segwit2x protocol was started in June 2017, after which the bitcoin price sharply increased. We inform you that from July 23 to August 3, the exchange rate may significantly change, so we advise you to limit the sale of bitcoins during this period. It's most profitable to buy e-currency until the 23rd day, but do not harry to convert it to rubles or dollars. The expected dynamics of the bitcoin rate does not favor to exchange it in the given period.

Information for users of Yandex.Money wallet

We remind you that the first withdrawal of money (that have not yet been transferred through Rubitok) to Yandex wallets will not be instant. According to the requirements of Yandex.Money payment system, the delay of funds will be up two days. The next transactions on this wallet will be carried out instantly. More detailed information on the time limits of withdrawal of money you can find on the application page or in the section about information on exchange operations.

If you want to exchange bitcoins for Yandex money, take into consideration that expected time of execution of operation is up to 2 days. Do not worry if crediting of money was not done immediately. This is due Yandex policy.

If you do not know how to transfer bitcoins to a Yandex wallet, this information will be help you. To be able to transfer money, fill in all sections of the profile, enter credible personal data and confirm your mobile phone. The new Federal Law requires the identification of wallets, which is currently carried out according to a simplified scheme. Our service works in accordance with the requirements of the legislation, therefore the withdrawal of funds is only available for the wallets, which has passed such an identification successfully. You can learn more about this important procedure on the official page of the payment system.

You can alone prepare a package of notarized documents required for identification, or copy data from another identified Yandex wallet that you own. The easiest way is to submit documents for identification by an agent that is officially accredited by Yandex. You can choose the office that is located next to you. That will speed up the procedure.

Having passed the identification procedure, you can freely exchange bitcoins for rubles at any time using our exchanger.

What will happen to bitcoin rate?

According to the forecast of bitcoin's exchange rate for 2017, in the end of July a significant drop in the exchange rate of this crypto currency is expected. Then, from the August, the exchange rate of bitcoin to the ruble and to the dollar will sharply increase. This useful information will help to plan your financial operations.

As you know, the crypto currency exchange rate has significantly raised after the launch of the segwit2x protocol, which became a compromise between the miners and Core developers. The growth of bitcoin's rate was directly related to the introduction of this unique system. A sharp increase in sales of bitcoin was registered in bitcoins exchanger. At the beginning of the month it was not profitable to sell the crypto currency, but you can buy bitcoin at the best rate.

In order to feel confident in the financial market and make only profitable deals, you should know not only how to withdraw bitcoins, but also what exchange rate is expected for the nearest future. The professionals of the financial market are already interested in the forecast of bitcoin for 2018, but it is still too early to say something with confidence, but the situation for the coming days is clear.

RuBitok recommends to limit financial transactions from July 23 to August 3, because at this period it is expected exchange rate instability in the market of crypto currency. The load of the blockchain network is more likely to increase due to possible wild swings of the exchange rate, and as a result delays in the performance of operations are expected. We will assist you to make the most profitable deals.