16 May 2020

Discount for registration

Every registered user gets a discount!
Every day we see situations where people forget or lose information about when and where they performed money transfers; or even worse, make a mistake in one figure of the account and the funds go the wrong way; or when using our service for the first time, they have to wait for a hold of 24 hours in order to make a payment through Yandex Money.
You can have an encrypted database on your computer in programs like KeePassX. You can simply go to the right payment system for your wallet when you need it. Regarding delays at the request of the security system, you can contact an unverified service and lose all your funds.

You can as well sign up for our service and get:
- a 3% discount (these will definitely be the best conditions on the internet, even if we are not number one in monitoring!)
- allow us to store both all information about transactions and wallet numbers;
- after the first significant exchange, get a 10% discount (you can hardly find such conditions in any monitoring of exchange offices);
- receive priority service and timely insights on the movement of a particular cryptocurrency in our closed community;
- by sending small amounts from your Yandex wallet to all crypto details after registration, you can get unique conditions on the internet and blazing-fast execution of orders without delays and waiting.
Our team has e-commerce specialists with 20+ years of experience! The RuBitok service is in the top 10 of all popular exchange monitoring for more than 3 years.
We regularly hold contests and promotions among our registered users. More than 1,000,000 satoshi were distributed in valuable prizes. Promotions when the service pays extra money in some popular direction of cryptocurrency exchange have become a holiday tradition.

All you need is just TO REGISTER:
1. enter your email on the RuBitok registration page
2. confirm the registration by the link in your mailbox.
Now you always have the best conditions for buying and selling cryptocurrency on the Internet! You will also learn how to do that with us.
Those who have registered before the end of the summer will be particularly lucky, but you will find out about this in our newsletters!
Now is the time to act...
P.S. If you try, you will definitely not lose anything, but if you don't, you won't even know what you gave up. :)