30 Mar 2020

Added Stablecoins

We added such stablecoins as usdt and true USD with USD Coin.
Stablecoins are tokens, or a special type of cryptocurrencies tied to traditional valuable assets that are needed to ensure a stable reference point in the cryptocurrency market and the security of transactions. Stablecoins in many ways help traders and it is believed that they will accelerate the introduction of cryptocurrencies into everyday human life. Nowadays there are several stablecoins and cryptocurrencies.
Stablecoins are used by cryptocurrency exchanges or exchange services primarily for the quick and cheap transfer of a large quantities of dollars. Normal users are able not to use the banking system when trading on a cryptocurrency exchange for adding and withdrawing funds.
Using stablecoins such as usdt tether or usdc, for example, significantly reduces transaction fees and allows avoiding legal restrictions from banks. At the same time, the market receives a tool for convenient trading and hedging funds in the short term.
Our service allows you to buy usdt with the most common way, using VISA or MasterCard, Maestro or MIR payment system cards. In the application form, you can see the current usdt exchange rate, and the funds credited to your usdt wallet almost instantly. In exceptional cases, our service employees will ask for additional verification. You can always withdraw your USDT to such payment systems as Yandex.money, Advanced Cash or Perfect Money, or change for other cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash or other stablecoins.