6 Apr 2018

Connected Payeer

We have connected to our exchange an universal Payeer wallet, which allows you to make international transfers even to users not registered in the system, you will find dozens of international payment methods in more than 200 countries, as well as a free bankcard, in which, commission is 0% for all operations of payment and withdrawal of funds by Payeer-card in all countries of the world.

As in all modern payments, Payeer transfer is instantaneous and meets all modern security criteria. More information on how to put money on a Payeer and what fees the Payeer commission charges, you can look at the Payeer.com

website. In our exchange service, we realized the exchange of Payeer for various cryptocurrencies, as well as for other payment systems.

Using Payeer exchange for various cryptocurrency, you get the opportunity to enter and withdraw money in a variety of ways.

You can replenish your wallet and withdraw money to various payment systems, bank cards and banks in more than 200 countries around the world.

Here are just some of the popular destinations (the main list you can see on the main page of our site).

How to transfer money to Payeer with Bitcoin? - Exchange Bitcoin to Payeer USD
Exchange Payeer EUR to Ethereum
Exchange Litecoin for Payeer RUR
How to transfer money to Payeer from Perfect Money or MoneyPolo?
Exchange Perfect Money USD to Payeer USD
Exchange MoneyPolo USD to Payeer RUR

Know that now you can Payeer the output of any electronic and cryptocurrency on our website. We hope that you will appreciate the benefits that the Payeer system provides in combination with our payment service.