17 Dec 2017

Review for the New Year! 1.000.000 Satoshi

You probably know that our cryptocurrency exchange relatively recently started its work, despite the fact that the people behind it have been exchanging electronic currencies for more than a dozen years, we hope the resource will become for you the place where cryptocurrencies exchanging will be easy and fast in any amount. The outgoing 2017 year was really difficult for everyone, we experienced several ups and downs during this period, our analysts predicted the value of many cryptocurrencies accurate to the point of commas - probably remember our forecasts in the YouTube channel in the spring of 2017th. We hope that for all our customers the purchase of cryptocurrency will be very simply and profitable.

Our achievements:

Number of users exceeded the 5-digit number.

Daily attendance of the site exceeded the same 5-digit number.

Our partners have earned an amount exceeding 5-digit number.

We consider this a wonderful result!

Congratulations to everyone on the upcoming New Year!

We have 1.000.000 satoshi which we are ready to hand out to all our grateful customers, for a review on BestChange.

And so after leaving a positive feedback, be sure to specify the application number, to monitor the cryptocurrency exchange, request, unsubscribe the feedback link and your BTC wallet - we within 48 hours commit to send to it a New Year gift in the form of 100.000 Satoshi. As Satoshi will be over, the Snow Maiden promised to continue such gifts in Ether! Follow the news on the site.

The list of wallets already received remuneration will be published below (the promotion is valid until 27.12.2017):











37dhzmiDxikbm83nrDTWWcvmSnvtUX33Xn (bonus from the Snow Maiden;)

1PDVL1gmVrtKpcHrXQLrW6HUp8PMEVP2oZ (bonus from the Snow Maiden;)

Where to exchange the cryptocurrency? On RuBitok.com!

All who are ready to support the initiative, a wallet for donation is as such: