6 Nov 2017

Affiliate program - passive income!

Now many people are asking themselves: How to earn on the Internet on a cryptocurrency? We can suggest a very simple and proven way, you recommend our service your friends and partners and get from 15 to 30% of our commission for the payment system you have chosen.

We made a video for you about how to make money on the Bitcoin exchange. We hope to see you among our partners. The affiliate program is multilevel.

Your affiliate link is in the "Promotional Materials" tab. Before that you need to go to the "Affiliate Program" tab and choose how to withdraw partner rewards and agree with the terms of the affiliate program.

You probably want to know if you can make money by exchanging Bitcoin in some other way?! Of course, earnings on Bitcoin currency exchange are not the only way to get extra income. You can just buy Bitcoin at the right time, for example, as some of our customers did, who carefully watched "cartoons about Bitcoin" on our channel in YouTube - Russian Bitcoin - here lives cryptocurrency!, and then sell when the price of BTC is significantly higher. In our animated films, we also touch on the issues of how to earn money by exchanging Bitcoin, but you do not understand all this in an open manner, we are sure that our clients and partners are promising and highly intelligent people who will appreciate some of the scenarios that affect the subject of cryptocurrency.

We are open to dialogue with our partners and are ready to share how to automate your earnings on Bitcoin’s exchanging for rubles using our service. The most active partners in our vKontakte group talk about their achievements and show income screens. We can inform you that at the moment we have more than 20 main partners, some of them have more than 1500 referrals, for which the earnings on the exchange of Bitcoin have already passed into a very serious passive, and most importantly, stable income. Of course, the bulk of such resources are monitored by various exchange points, as well as information channels dedicated to cryptocurrencies. Earnings on exchange bitcoin come out of a narrow niche and are becoming more and more popular on the Internet. Exchange services appear in different countries every day, each trying to attract customers. We just give the opportunity to earn money on the Internet Bitcoin’s exchanging with us and generously share our income with everyone.

You are still wondering "How to make money on the exchange of electronic currencies" - in addition to Bitcoin in recent years, a large number of other cryptocurrencies have appeared, we try to work with the most popular ones: Litecoin, Ethereum, DASH. You can read about our e-currency exchange service reviews on our website, and on third-party listings and monitoring of exchange offices. Our motto: Efficiency and honesty. Availability and loyalty. If you do not know how to make money on the exchange of electronic currencies - we will help you and set up your business. And your earnings on the exchange of electronic currencies reviews will be only frank and positive.

Stay with us and you will see that you can earn on the Internet!