18 Sep 2017

BTC-E (WEX) has restored its work.

We are glad to announce that after almost 2 months the BTC-E exchange restored its work on the new website WEX.nz

Now, as before, you can buy BTC E code (wex-codes) or exchange BTC E codes on our website for wide range of electronic money. We, as well as many other ones with impatience, watched reports and reviews on various resources about the fact that "BTC E does not work" and the questions of disgruntled users, who by the way are already over 1 million people, about the timing of the resumption of the work of the exchange.

The rate of Bitcoin on BTC E froze on July 25 at around 2500 USD for 1 BTC, the rate of BTC on exchanges for such a long period of time has already changed several times and at the time of service launch on September 15 it was significantly different from that at which exchange "finished" its work. Now we can observe that, contrary to the obsolete tradition - when the BTC-E rate was always lower than on other exchanges, after the restoration of its work under a new name, the rates of cryptocurrency are significantly higher than on other exchanges. For example, now BTC E rate is more than 4400 $, when on the Internet you can still buy Bitcoin up to 4000 USD.

Earlier we promised that we will tell you how to replenish BTC E without commission, but alas our plans were prevented by this ridiculous event with such a long interruption in work, we hope the new exchange will work long and regularly, and we will be able to offer you similar conditions very soon .

First of all, the new exBTC-e team, now WEX, decided to implement simple and fast money deposit for BTC E, we offer it to our users in the absence of an official offer, it is also advantageous for the relatively small commissions to withdraw their money from Yandex-money, Perfect Money, OKPay, Advanced Cash and other payment systems submitted for exchange on our website.

At the exchange, everything remained the same as before, and to the question "How to create a BTC E code" - we will answer that you need to select the desired currency USD or RUR in your account, and by selecting Finance on the Withdrawal, choose WEX-code. Now, unlike the old exchange WEX-code has 46 symbols, for example, "WEXRURRM6P9IGW83IFRR7PB53JPDY11RJXH8EIASYDCFWY", when earlier on BTC-E codes were 47 symbols and also started with the name of the BTCE exchange and then the type of currency USD or RUR.

Yes, I would like to note that the BTC-E domain, where users had previously corresponded with the terms of the restoration of the work and many complained that BTC does not work, now redirects to the new domain WEX.nz (which, in turn, as we managed to learn from new owners, means Web EXchange, by analogy with EXMO - EXchange Money).

And now a couple of useful links, how to replenish BTC E through Perfect Money, look at the Exchange of Perfect Money USD for WEX USD or buy BTC E USD code for OkPay USD on WEX USD.

Our service is fully automated and you get BTC E (WEX-code) instantly, and we also constantly add new payment methods. You can always buy profitable and convenient BTC E code, and most importantly almost instantly. Replenishment of BTC E is carried out without days off - 24 hours per day - 7 days per week and 365 days per year - we value every client and try to make you like us. If you do not want to purchase exchange codes, and immediately want to replenish the BTC account - you can also easily to do it, just choose the method and payment system that you can use in which you have the funds.