4 Jun 2017

Problems with Ethereum network

Crypto currency exchange service of RuBitok works with the most popular types of electronic currencies, including ETH. However, even such a big network experiences occasional problems. Yesterday problems with exchanging of Ethereum occurred and they have been continuing up to now. All the operations connected with ETH: such operations like exchange of Ethereum for Yandex.Money RUR and exchange of Perfect Money USD for Ethereum and others like exchange of Ethereum for Advanced Cash USD are now working unstable and there will be delays. Though the bitcoin exchanger is working stable in full accordance with the regulations, the delays in the ETH network also affect the eth btc exchange rate.

Taking under consideration the current situation, our e-currency exchange service (which is considered to stable and trustworthy service according to the user feedback) has taken measures that allow users to continue to make transactions using ETN. We temporarily carry out this operations in a manual mode, what allows our customers to continue to continue exchange operations. That's why you can experience small delays in buying and selling transactions of this crypto currency.

After restoring the operability of the Ethereum system, all the transactions with this currency will again be performed instantly in automatic mode. The exchange of bitcoins and other electronic currencies is currently working stable and instant. You can buy bitcoins instantly, changes only affect the transactions using Ethereum.

The exchange of money on our service using ETH digital wallets will soon become instant. We apologize for the temporary inconveniences.