5 May 2020

Affiliate program improvements

Appeal to all our partners!
Some time ago, we received a complaint about low traffic conversion from our affiliate program. We always try to figure out all possible inaccuracies and make our service better and more profitable for all participants. After conducting tests and studies, we found that some of the incoming customers, if they were already in our database, did not bind with the referral code of the new partner.
Although this is a small share of traffic, about 2-3% of the total number of users attracted and it was rather difficult to determine the period, whether it was a month or a little more, this situation took place. It was decided to compensate for this deficiency in the operation of the service.
We remind that we give our partners from 15% to 30% of our profits from any exchange made by their referral. The amount of partner remuneration and partner status is determined according to the number of users attracted.
If you have noticed a significant decline in accruals lately, please contact our online chat or email us. We will upgrade your status in the affiliate program by one level. Thus, if your current level is Beginner and you have attracted up to 99 referrals, your current reward is 15% of the profit from the exchange, we will upgrade your status to the Silver partner (from 100 to 299 referrals attracted. The reward is 20% of the profit from the exchange). If you have a Gold Partner status and you have attracted from 300 to 499 referrals, your current reward is 25% of the commission on the exchange, then your status will become a Platinum partner (From 500 referrals attracted and the reward is 30% of the profit from the exchange).
We publicly apologize for this situation and hope that for the next 3 months the new status will compensate for all your inconvenience.